What I mean by quality:

· Correct terminology, found in reliable sources and in never just one source. This includes finding official English names of government agencies, organisations, laws, titles and business divisions.


· Clarity.
Readers shouldn’t need to re-read sentences to understand them. The message of the text must be clear. The text must flow well and be in idiomatic English.


· Style.
The style must reflect the original Swedish text. It must suit the target readership and the type of text.


· Word count.
English translations can be up to 25% longer than their Swedish source texts, which can be a drawback if translations need to fit into set layouts. In such cases I use short phrases and constructions where possible to keep translations concise.


· Double-check.
I read through and edit my translations twice before delivery.


· Detail.
I check apostrophes, quotation marks, double spaces and, where appropriate, point out any typing errors in Swedish source texts.